Boxa Greens is a family-owned and operated business situated in Glenhaven, committed to providing high-quality fruit and veg boxes to local Hills District families and businesses. Our objective is to inspire people with fresh food and enable them to create simple, delicious meals using seasonal fruit and veg.

Bruno, my husband, has worked as a wholesale agent at Sydney Flemington Markets for 25 years, working with his father and four brothers. It was from here that the idea for Boxa Greens took root. Bruno used his expertise to handpick the best produce and bring it home to me every week. The produce was always of exceptional quality, and the leftovers were shared with family and friends. This sparked the idea to create standard-sized boxas to suit different families, and later we added the option for customers to make their own.

Our Italian heritage has been a significant influence on our love for fresh food and family traditions. We enjoy sharing our passion for food through our cooking and recipes, which you can find on our Instagram and Facebook page, via our weekly produce e-newsletter, and under ‘Eat & Create’.

In addition to our weekly fruit and veg boxes, we also offer beautifully curated fruit gift boxas and hampers with artisan treats. As we enter our ninth year in business, our three boys are knowledgeable about all types of fruits, veggies, and herbs. Boxa Greens allows us to use food to celebrate life and bring people together. We hope to share our passion with you, and many of our young Boxa customers affectionately know me as ‘the fruit and veg lady’ or Boxa lady!

Rachael xx

Ditch the bags and go with a Boxa instead!

Not yet part of the Boxa family? Tasty fruit and veggies are just a click away! Learn more about our Boxa Greens service here.