We own a wholesale stand at Flemington Markets. We source the produce from our local farmers and other wholesale agents.

No, the produce supplied is not organic, however we only supply Australian produce.

Our newsletter lists all items included in all the various Boxa sizes, market news on fresh produce, storage tips, new product listings and weekly recipes using produce from the boxa.

Monday & Wednesday evenings by 9.00pm

Tuesdays and Thursday unless stated in the e-newsletter

17a Davis Place Glenhaven 2156

Boxas can be collected from 1pm to 5.30pm. If you need to collect outside these hours, please contact us

No commitment is required. Only order as required. If you do have a weekly order, simply contact us by 6pm 24 hours before to cancel your order for the week.

Tuesdays and Thursdays unless stated in our weekly produce newsletter or online ordering store.

Glenhaven: $5.00


Castle Hill, Dural, Kellyville, Kellyville North, Cherrybrook, Kenthurst, Quakers Hills, The Ponds, Winston Hills: $10.00


Annangrove, Kenthurst: $15.00

Between 12.30pm and 5.30pm.

Boxas are delivered in a recyclable covered box, so no need to be home to receive the delivery. Due to the nature of fresh produce, we recommend not leaving your Boxa goodies outside for too long on a warm day.

When placing an order, customers can make up to 3 swaps within our standard boxas*. Once you have selected a Boxa, click on ‘edit boxa’ and select the items you want removed. Type in a replacement item (or scroll down to the extras list to click on the item to include). Any price variance with the swap, will be applied to your total order.


*swaps only available on selected boxa options

Boxa Grande, Boxa Medium, Inbetweena Boxa, Grazing Boxa, Boxa Fruit and Boxa Veg.

We pride ourselves on supplying high quality, in season produce. We will replace or refund produce which is not up to a quality standard within 24 hours of purchase. Note, weather conditions and the correct storage which effect the longevity of produce. For tips on correct storage methods, check out (add link to storage tips).

Ditch the bags and go with a Boxa instead!

Not yet part of the Boxa family? Tasty fruit and veggies are just a click away! Learn more about our Boxa Greens service here.